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Prince: Part 7 - The Question of U

Chanhassen Cinema, Chanhassen, MN

“All 7 and we’ll watch them fall. They stand in the way of LOVE and we will smoke them all with an intellect and a savoir faire. No 1 in the whole universe will ever compare. Eye am yours now and U are mine and 2gether we’ll LOVE through all space and time so don’t cry. 1 day all 7 will die.”

- Prince Rogers Nelson

I thought it only fitting to finish this blog the way I started it — in Minnesota!

I did not think this blog series would take me an entire year to complete, but sometimes there is more to writing than putting thoughts into words. Sometimes the discovery process prolongs the anticipated timeline and brings revelation in unexpected ways. I have enjoyed attempting to breakdown some of the information I have learned about the human body over the last two decades of my studies into an explanation I hope is both technical enough for the scientific and medical communities and tangible enough for readers of any other background.

While putting this blog together, my initial intent was to present my passion for chiropractic and helping people live without pain in a way that would be interesting to others. It is something I hope to continue to do for as long as my own body is willing and able. For the past two decades I have been on a search for the answers of my own pain and came upon chiropractic not only as that answer for me, but also a career in which I truly do find joy in repetition. I see so much of my own story with pain in Prince’s story. I hope his story might help others answer questions they may have about their own pain and perhaps encourage them to choose a road that does not involve long-term use of pain medications.

Last year I came to Celebration 6 at Paisley Park as a “new” Prince fan, but also as a doctor with questions about Prince and the injuries that led him down the road of pain killers. Tomorrow Celebration 7 begins and I plan to enjoy the experience along with all the beautiful ones who have come to honor him as well. I have received answers to most of my questions and even answers to a few questions I “forgot”. Some questions surrounding Prince may never be fully answered in this lifetime and we will have to learn to find contentment in the unknowing.

The questions “why” and “how” most often require long-winded responses, but this much is simple:

Who — Prince Rogers Nelson

What — lived a talent-filled life, inspiring millions spanning generations around the world

When — from 1958 to 2016

Where — on this Planet Earth.

All of this and more has been for you. In all of my inquires, the most beautiful answer I received this year was not the one I expected but instead the answer to THE QUESTION OF U*.

With forgiveness, LOVE can always begin again.

— From an Angel to a Prince

That’s it! 💜


* The Question of U:

1. Planet Earth album cover:

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