Ashley Williams, CPT, LMT, FNS

Ashley Williams is a former track and field four-time state champion in the 400m dash in Oklahoma.  Her freshman year of college Ashley suffered a spinal injury that left her nearly immobilized for months. After meeting with several doctors and trainers, she was told that surgery or long term healing through rest were her only options, but she was determined to run throughout her college career. She earned a half athletic, half academic  scholarship to Jacksonville University in Florida where she ran her first three NCAA years and  received a degree in Engineering Physics.  She transferred to Columbia University in New York to earn a second degree in Civil Engineering where she finished out her final year of NCAA eligibility for track and field.  Never having fully recovered from her back injury, Ashley began to focus more on her engineering career.  However, after only a year and a half of working as a junior engineer and construction supervisor for a major company in NYC, Ashley left her blossoming engineering career behind and returned to her true passion for fitness, health and developing others to pursue and reach their goals.

While she was still at her office job, Ashley’s own injuries, reoccurring spinal pain and related joint dysfunction, motivated her to delve into research regarding proper body alignment, body mechanics, movement patterns and ergonomics.  In 2010 she began working as a personal trainer at Equinox in New York and completed the EFTI training school. Ashley was quickly promoted to a Tier III level trainer and soon after desired to study the human body from a different perspective.  In 2012 Ashley graduated from The Swedish Institute College of Health and Sciences with a degree in Massage Therapy. As a trainer Ashley realized how integral nutrition is for fitness success and pursued a certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist as well. Combining her knowledge of strength training, massage therapy and nutrition Ashley has been able to strengthen her own body to enable her to participate in a wide range of physical activities. Ashley’s desire is to help others reach their goals and feel great about their own bodies by integrating the benefits of exercise, nutrition and soft tissue manipulation to achieve the best approach to fitness and preventative healthcare. In 2017 she received her Masters of Science in Ergonomics and Biomechanics from New York University. In further pursuit of holistic healthcare education, Ashley is currently enrolled as a Doctor of Chiropractic candidate at New York Chiropractic College while working as a biomechanics research assistant.  

Ashley’s athletic experience includes 12 years of track and field, 13 years of ballet, other various dance disciplines, volleyball, aerial arts, powerlifting, obstacle courses and parkour. She is also a two-time competitor on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. Ashley enjoys studying and practicing new movement and incorporates cross training to maximize neuromuscular efficiency for herself and her clients.